Easy and mindless loose change in your pocket with Part-Time Clicks

Any easy to use site that pays anywhere from $.20 and up for a very quick task that appears every so often. This won’t be a huge moneymaker for you, but work throughout the day and consistent PayPal payments every Friday is nice.

From their FAQ:

“Part Time Clicks is a website that distributes tasks that you can do from your mobile phone, device or home PC.

The majority of tasks consist of searching and clicking on Google, Yahoo, or Bing and providing proof that you completed the task. Search+click tasks usually take less than 60 seconds to complete and pay between .20 — .40 each.

Other tasks include posting reviews and other random tasks as needed. These tasks pay $1-$2 each but are far less frequent.

Most people earn $5-$15 per month. We make payment every Friday.”

Job Example:

Image for post
Image for post

The thing is, you can just type what is written, and right-click on that to go google, and right-click on the links they want and paste that. Pretty darn easy.

Payment Proof:

Payment proof
Payment proof

Good luck! Let me know how things go below.

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A modern millennial guy with a cute little family. Located in Southern California. I like writing about fun topics that are interesting to learn about.

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