How I made over $25,000 from android apps NOT knowing how to code

Hi all!

I worked as an account manager and new business development at several mobile advertising networks. I saw my customer making easy big money with silly simple apps, or apps that were gag & novelty apps making $XXXX per day. One day a client told me about a no coding app development platform that I could use to make my own apps, and send my own notifications to my users.

There are numerous options on how to make your own apps, but if you want something that is easy to use, a plugin and play environment, is my choice. You can create simple android apps quickly and monetize them if you use the options available to you.

Monetization Options:

Google Admob: $25,000+

AppLovin: $1400+

StartApp: Paid out $55:

Paid Downloads:

You can use your same app with ads turned off as a paid version for $.99, or $1.99, or whatever price you want. It’s another source of income.

To setup ads, you need to sign up with each company and create your app ids and code.

What is a package name? — Com.Andromo.XXXXX

A unique internal name for the executable file used to identify it on App Stores like Google Play. In andromo that is setup in your first page.

Why is this important? With the basic andromo account, you can only change the package name of an app you have made between the two options, com.andromo and net.andromo, but with the premium account, you can change it to anything you want, unlimited times. Meaning you can reuse an app that you have already made, changing the package name, icons, name, etc and reuploading it. Volume is the key to success. You can change app name, icon used etc without having to rebuild the whole app.

If you look up com.andromo or net.andromo up in the app stores you can see other apps made with the platform.

App Stores:

Google Play — $25 per account for lifetime of account.

Amazon App Store — Free

Samsung Seller Store — Free

When you create your app in Andromo, you can pick which market you will posting on.

Push Notifications:

You know those annoying notifications you get from apps on your home screen? Well with andromo you can make and send your own using OneSignal, which is easy to setup. With these you can send traffic to a specific app to get more downloads. If you get lots of traffic, you send sign up with affiliate networks that offer Cost Per Install (CPI) campaigns, and own that way as well.

Too cheap to buy an andromo account?

A free option that takes a revenue share split of your ads. You can still make paid apps from this service. You can send unlimited push notifications, use any package name and easily duplicate apps.

Don’t have an android device? Nor do I!

Free online emulator you can use to test and easily take screenshots.

How to make games:

There are numerous free HTML5 games you can use to make your app.

Example: — They offer free Value Added Reseller HTML5 games you can use for your apps.

I will be continually adding to this article. Please let me know any questions or feedback.

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