The Last 10 Years Produced Some CRAZY Fast Food Menu Items!

Whether it’s pizza, burgers or fried chicken, as much as everyone loves fast food, it can be a little predictable sometimes which is why the giants of the industry are constantly coming up with new ideas. Some work while others don’t and some are just bizarre. With that in mind here is our list of the Top 20 Craziest Fast Food Items Of the Last Decade.

Unicorn Frappuccino — Starbucks

Starbucks has never been a company to give us boring or traditional products. Since it’s inception back in the 1970’s, Starbucks has been bringing us all manner of coffee drinks. Whether it’s fan favorites like the Pumpkin spiced or Gingerbread lattes, or their ever popular Frappuccino range, Starbucks has been delighting us with a variety of drinks and flavors. However, back in 2017, Starbucks took a step into the crazy side of life when they released their Unicorn Frappuccino. The multicolored drink turned a few heads and became an internet sensation. However, according to many Starbucks customers, the drink was far too sweet and the Unicorn Frappuccino didn’t catch on.

Firecracker Burrito — Taco Bell

Many people’s favorite American-Mexican fast food chain, Taco Bell, is never one to shy away from innovative food items, but none were crazier than the Firecracker Burrito. On the surface the Firecracker burrito is a typical Taco Bell fast food item. The burrito is stuffed full of beef, rice, cheese, red tortilla strips, and sour cream, all wrapped in a red flour tortilla. The difference with this burrito is that you can add pop rocks. The fizzing and popping candy had two varieties: cheese or spice. The pop rocks certainly added a new dimension and texture to the burrito, and if you opted for the spice pop rocks, then you got an extra eye popping kick to your bite.

Cookie Dough Tenders — Popeyes

Many fast food chains try to grab our attention with new and exciting ideas. One of the most common themes fast food restaurants use is the combination of sweet and savory, and Popeyes was no different when they added something sweet to their chicken tenders. Wrapping the chicken tenders with shortbread cookie dough, the tenders were then fried to give us a new form of fried chicken. Popeyes showed us that anything is possible when it comes to fried chicken by breaking down the boundaries between sweet and savory.

Farmhouse King — Burger King

The next item on our list isn’t as attention grabbing as many others nor is it the product of some weird combinations. The Farmhouse King is on our list purely for it’s calorie count. This Burger King creation is actually one of the most unhealthy fast items ever created. The Farmhouse King is packed with double cheeseburgers, fried egg, bacon and crispy onions. While we all love a good fast food meal, with over 1000 calories per sandwich, Burger King’s Farmhouse King went that little bit too far and therefore deserves their place on our list of crazy fast food items.

Kit Kat Quesadilla — Taco Bell

Taco Bell has a good track record when it comes to bringing new fast food items to their loving public, and they hit the jackpot again when they released their Kit Kat Quesadilla. Dubbed the ‘chocoladilla’ this tasty sweet dish is a large grilled flour tortilla stuffed with chocolate and Kit Kat. Taco Bell also tested this dish out with Twix, and both variations were on sale for only a dollar. We never would have thought a desert Quesadilla would work, but Taco Bell knows best, and we’re thankful they do.

Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza — Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is possibly one of the most famous pizza chains in all of fast food history. Nowadays the idea of a stuffed crust pizza is nothing special. In fact, the stuffed crust pizza has become so mundane that we expect to see it everywhere. However, there was a time when the stuffed crust was just starting out and Pizza Hut decided to take that idea to the next level. Rather than just having something boring like cheese or sauce in their crust, the pizza giants decided to stuff a full sized hot dog in the crust of their pizza. After the success of this pizza, Pizza Hut stuck with the hot dog idea and then released a pizza surrounded by pretzel wrapped cocktail weenies.

Buffalo Latte — Tim Horton’s

When fast food chains are trying to come up with the next big item, a quick way for them to come up with a big hit is to cross existing ingredients in a fast food mash up. While the thought of mashing two fast food treats together is exciting, the one combination no one saw coming was coffee and Buffalo sauce. However, when Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons wanted to show off their new stores in Buffalo, New York, they decided to bring out a coffee to celebrate this, and thus we got the Buffalo Latte. The coffee itself consisted of freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, mocha, bold Buffalo sauce and then topped off with whipped cream and zesty Buffalo seasoning. We are all for mixing things up from time to time but we are not sure about the Buffalo Latte.

Flamin’ Hot Mac And Cheetos — Burger King

Fast food giants Burger King have been known to combine some truly crazy ingredients in their quest to find the perfect mash up. With their Flamin’ Hot Mac and Cheetos, Burger King really went crazy. Already having big success with using Cheetos, plus their ever popular Cheese Tots and their uses of spice and heat, Burger King decided to put all those things together in one. These tasty snacks had creamy mac and cheese on the inside and crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on the outside. Burger King hasn’t always had the best luck with their crazy inventions but we think the Flamin’ Hot Mac and Cheetos was a winner.

Smoke Mountain — Arby’s

Since the 1960’s Arby’s has been satisfying our sandwich cravings with some truly great sandwich inventions. So much so that they make our list of the craziest fast food items from the last decade, and that is purely because of the amount of mouth watering meat you get with their Smoke Mountain sandwich. When Arby’s added pulled smoked short ribs to their menus, they decided that they wanted to show off their new meat and created a sandwich to do just that. Pairing their beef short rib with their smoked ham and smoked brisket, the sandwich is then topped with melted cheese, barbecue sauce, crispy onions and all of that is stuffed perfectly between two slices of Texas toast. Now, that’s a sandwich.

Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza — Little Caesars

We all have our favorite fast food item and many peoples first choice is pizza. While there are a lot of great pizza chains in the world, Little Caesars are doing their best to stand out from the crowd and one of their best items is the bacon wrapped deep dish pizza. Taking their 8 cornered Detroit style deep dish pizza and wrapping it in over three feet of bacon, with some bacon crumbled on top as well, is certainly one way to get pizza lovers through the door and it obviously worked as Little Caesars likes to bring back the bacon wrapped deep dish pizza as often as they can.

Nightmare King — Burger King

On the surface of it Burger King’s Nightmare King burger doesn’t sound that crazy; with a beef patty, chicken fillet, cheese, bacon, mayo and onions, the Nightmare King sounds pretty tame by Burger King’s standards. However, the ingredients are the least crazy thing about this burger. Firstly there is the color. This burger is stuffed into a bright green bun and secondly this burger will give you nightmares. Or at least that’s what Burger King claimed, as they gave 100 people their Nightmare King burger and over the course of ten days, those people were three and half times more likely to have nightmares. Now that’s a burger!

Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza — Pizza Hut

There are many items that try to add strange things to their food in order to create something truly different. With that in mind we now turn our attention to Pizza Hut’s Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza. Just when we all thought Pizza Hut had pushed pizzas to the limit when they did the hot dog stuffed pizza, they then came out with a pizza crust covered with Doritos. The cheesy, crunchy crust is a true game changer in the fast food world and elevates Pizza Hut’s pizzas to the next level.

24 Karat Champagne Wings — Popeyes

Ok, so with this entry we are cheating a little bit as Popeyes only sold this fast food item for one day and only in four stores. However, as the 24 Karat Champagne Wings were so elaborate, it proudly deserves an entry on our list. In order to celebrate the opening of their 3000th store, Popeyes decided to give their customers a real treat. Boneless chicken wings coated in a champagne infused batter before being fried and then topped off with edible gold flakes. This dish just goes to show that fast food can be high brow.

Waffle Taco — Taco Bell

Whenever we think of Taco Bell we don’t automatically think of breakfast. What we do think of is tasty midnight feasts. However, Taco Bell soon saw to that when they released their Waffle Taco. While Taco Bell does offer breakfast staples such as hash browns and breakfast burritos, it’s their Waffle Taco that is a must try. This taco shaped waffle shell is stuffed full of egg and then topped off with either bacon or sausage and then served with a side of syrup. Taco Bell has already cornered the market on Tex-Mex and now they have conquered breakfast as well.

Bacon Sundae — Burger King

We all know that when it comes to fast food everything is better if we add bacon. It works for burgers, pizza and even chicken but what about desserts? Well, Burger King decided to test our love of bacon when they released the Bacon Sundae. A vanilla soft serve ice cream which is then topped with hot fudge, caramel and crumbled bacon. Then, just to add a little something extra, a strip of bacon is then put in the top to decorate the sundae. The idea of ice cream and a strip of bacon may not sound very appealing but somehow it works. Salty and sweet are living together in perfect harmony in this Burger King classic.

Cheetos Sandwich — KFC

KFC have been delighting fried chicken fans around the world for years. However, after having the same menu all these years, sometimes even the best fast food menus can become a little boring. Luckily KFC was there to give us a fast food item we didn’t even know we needed and now we can’t do without. The Cheetos Sandwich is a simple yet genius idea that breathed new life into the chicken sandwich. A fried chicken fillet topped with a Cheetos glaze mayo and topped off with a healthy handful of Cheetos all served in a nice bun. The added crunch of the Cheetos, and that extra cheese flavor, gives this chicken sandwich a new dimension.

Pickle Juice Slush — Sonic

If there is one ingredient that we would never even dream of including in a fast food drink then it would be pickle juice. The tangy brine juice isn’t the first thing we think of as a flavor of slush but that’s exactly what Sonic did. The famous drive-in fast food joint decided to add a new slush to their famous range and this slush is exactly as it sounds. A bright green, sweet slush infused with pickle juice. It may not sound like a refreshing summer drink but pickle juice is actually having a bit of a moment as many energy drinks and even many bars are using pickle juice. Maybe Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush started a bit of a trend.

Chicken Flavored Chocolate Truffles — KFC

We have already mentioned, several strange and odd fast food hybrids on our list of the craziest fast food items in the last decade and now we come to one of the strangest. In order to celebrate Mother’s Day, KFC decided to mix their famous chicken flavor with chocolate truffles. The chocolates themselves came in two different flavors; a nutty and creamy milk chocolate truffle topped with gold leaf and then seasoned in the Colonels famous herbs and spices. The other choice is a dark chocolate truffle infused with KFC’s signature hot and spicy marinade. The famous fried chicken chain claimed that the mix of their famous flavors with the chocolate would be the perfect Mother’s day gift.

T-Rex Burger — Wendy’s

If you want to produce a truly monstrous burger then you’d better have a fitting name to go with it. That’s exactly what Wendy’s did when they released the T-Rex Burger. A Monstrous name for a truly monstrous burger. This burger consists of nine beef patties and each one is topped with cheese. The burger is finished off with garnish and even bacon in some cases. Now, this beast of a burger wasn’t sold at every Wendy’s location and in fact was mainly sold in a single Canadian Wendy’s, although some people have claimed to have had it in the US. Whether or not that is true, Wendy’s T-Rex Burger will push even the biggest meat lover to their very limits.

Double Down — KFC

If you have ever had one of those days when you really crave a KFC chicken sandwich but don’t really want to waste time eating the bread, then KFC came out with the perfect solution for you. The now infamous Double Down sent shock waves through the fast food world when it was released and it changed everything overnight. The Double Down consists of two slices of cheese and two slices of bacon all sandwiched between two fried chicken patties. Now that is a true chicken treat. The world of fast food has been trying to change its image over the last few years by being more health conscious but it’s nice to see the likes of KFC giving us something that is just tasty, regardless of calories.

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