How to Make money by Flipping Websites on Flippa

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Flippa is a website where you can buy and sell websites, domains and apps. It is a marketplace for those who want to buy a profitable venture or sell their assets in an exit strategy. On the website you’ll find categories such as blogs, SAAS apps, eCommerce websites, AdSense supported websites and more.

Websites are available to buy and purchase at a wide range of price points. They have categories for starter sites and established sites. Starter sites are the ones that have no current revenue but they are a great starting point for entrepreneurs to market and grow by adding content. Established sites are those which are making a steady revenue year on year and can be grown further by adding content and SEO.

The strategy to make money is simple — either develop and sell a starter site or take your time to establish a site and then sell.

Selling a starter site is hard because most buyers are interested in sites that are already making consistent revenue. The benefit is that you don’t have to wait for google to pick up your website and send traffic to it.

If you decide to go the second route and establish a site before you sell it, here is what you will have to do.

  1. First, get a domain with an easy to remember and marketable name. Most simple domain names are taken so you’ll have to find something that matches your niche but is still available. This is a hard task in itself and is the reason why that domain flipping is such a huge business on Flippa. Old, mature domains that are single words or two-word combinations are very highly sought after.
  2. Decide what kind of service or content you are going to offer on the site. Are you going to make a blog with original content? Are you going to make a news and story aggregator site? Are you selling some kind of SAAS(Software As A Service)? For a blog, you will need to consistently post on your website for a few months till google starts sending you traffic. For a SAAS website, you have to find clients by pitching your service to people whose pain points you are solving. You need to give the site some time to mature and rank on google.
  3. You have to monetize your website. In case you are a blog you can make money with ad sense or affiliate marketing. In case you are just aggregating content from other sites, you can make money with ad sense. If you develop a software or some service, your revenue will come from paying customers.
  4. Once you have a revenue stream, collect proof for revenue and traffic and list your website on Flippa as an auction or a classified. Start marketing your listing in forums or on social media. If your auction remains unsold or doesn’t meet the reserve you can negotiate with the people who were “watching” your listing.

You can repeat the above process for many websites. You can start working on a bunch of website ideas now and then plan to sell the website say 6 months or a year for now for profit. Making money on Flippa requires patience and planning but it is highly rewarding. Best of luck!

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