McDonald’s Untold Secret Menu

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Now, we’re all familiar with the menu items at restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King, so it’s hard to really grasp the fact that you’re able to actually play with the different ingredients that exist at these food spots. But once you do, it’s similar to that song from Aladdin in that it’s truly a ‘Whole New World’! So, strap in, as we’re about to blow your mind (and eventually, your stomach) by sharing the top ten secret menu items at McDonald’s.

Monster Mac

Also known as the Eight-Patty Mac’, the Monster Mac is just that, a monster, in that it has eight patties of beef and just as many slices of cheese. We have a couple of entries on this list that seem completely unrealistic — you’re not going to be able to eat these burgers the traditional way (with your hands or in your car). Some of these burgers require a knife, fork and plate and the Monster Mac is the best example of that. It’s also a great example of something that is meant for more than one person and that’s really what’s fun about menu hacking, as it can be sort of scary to ask the Drive-Thru attendant for something that’s not on the menu, so it’s just easier if you have a friend or two along for the ride. So, don’t look at this as something you’re supposed to eat yourself, but rather as the first menu hack that you and your friends are going to attempt. Outside of that, if you really want to live dangerously you can combine this idea with the McKinley burger, which we’ll get to in a minute. That would land you a two-pound monstrosity that would be large enough to feed your family at Thanksgiving. The Big Mac is McDonald’s flagship burger and the Monster Mac is definitely a great introduction to menu hacking for that reason as well, especially if you’re looking to get some likes on your Facebook or Instagram profile and some frowns from your cardiologist and insides. Before we continue, why not hit that subscribe button and click that notification bell to show us your love!

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The Land, Sea and Air Burger

Most people that are on high protein diets typically stick to boiled fish and chicken and while that’s all well and good, everyone has a cheat day and if you’re going to do a cheat day why not REALLY do a cheat day. That’s where the Land, Sea and Air Burger comes in, as it’s still high in protein but is also relatively over the top in terms of… Everything (especially calories). A combination of the patties from a McDouble (Land), McChicken (Air… Sorta) and Filet-O-Fish (Sea), this sandwich is a great first step into the world of fast food menu hacking as it’s really something that you have to compile yourself. By removing the bottom bun from the Filet-O-Fish, the top and bottom bun from the McDouble and the top bun of the McChicken, you can create a burger that actually makes a lot of sense in terms of taste that is also not that bad for you, if you’re counting carbs. If you want to complete the trifecta of unhealthy-ness you can keep the buns intact, which means if you actually complete just one of these, you might have a future as a competitive eater. This is a great first step into the world of secret menus as it’s relatively cheap and easy to compile and you might also get a nod or wink from the person that hands you the burgers — which can also help you find out which employees are best to work within the future, when you actually order an off-menu item. Talk about a win-win (or win-win-win)!

McBrunch Burger

A lot of “Secret Items” that you’ll come across online are just a mash-up of multiple burgers and sandwiches and are thus relatively lazy and impractical. The best example of that is the McBrunch Burger and while it may not be the most creative entry on this list and while it also may not make a whole lot of sense because the human jaw can only open so far, the fact that it is actually equal parts delicious and fun cancels out any of those implied negatives, and for that reason it makes this list. If you’ve ever been to a brunch you’d know that it’s really just an excuse for people to gorge themselves, and the McBrunch burger doesn’t disappoint. It’s a combination of a Jalapeno McDouble and Egg McMuffin, sometimes with a hashbrown thrown in for good measure, which means that the McBrunch burger includes about every food group from the typical brunch outside of fruit and (ten or so) mimosa. If you really want to live dangerously then you can also order an orange juice and a side of fruit to really complete the brunch feeling, but unfortunately no amount of menu hacking is gonna get you the champagne.

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The Pie McFlurry

Say what you want about the French but as this list shows, a couple times, they sure know how to make a delicious dessert. The French aspect of this entry is most everyone’s favorite meal at any curbside diner, the pie a la mode. A la mode loosely translates to with ice cream and luckily for everyone on earth, McDonald’s has both pie and ice cream, namely in the form of it’s warm Apple Pie and McFlurry (or any flavor of Milk Shake from Vanilla to Chocolate and Strawberry). This may be a bit low on the list for how delicious and well known this entry is, but because it’s not that big of a secret it loses points. Those points are made up for in the fact that some employees are used to making this order, which means that they’ll make it even tastier by blending the pie directly into the ice cream. What makes this extra delicious is the taste juxtaposition between the warmth of the pie and the cool, melty deliciousness of the McFlurry or Milkshake. At worst you’ll have to crumble up the pie itself and add it to the McFlurry or Milkshake, but if that’s the biggest complaint you have all day, then your life is objectively amazing.

The Mc

Future generations will never know the horror of waking up too late to get McDonald’s breakfast and while the rest of the world may be on the verge of nuclear war or global-warming-related natural disasters, you can always point back to McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast as proof positive that we’re living in the best times in human history. This sandwich is a testament to that as the 10:35 in it’s name points to the time that McDonald’s Breakfast used to end (10:30, with the additional 5 meaning that it’s basically the best of both worlds from the Breakfast and Dinner menus). The Egg McMuffin is the hands-down star of the breakfast menu, so you’ll definitely want to order that alongside a McDouble, which is basically the go-to sandwich for any McDonald’s Menu hack. Add the beef patties (and cheese) to the McMuffin and you’ve got breakfast and dinner in your hands. They say people shouldn’t play God but I submit the Mc 10:35 as proof that yeah, they should. What’s great about the 10:35 is that you can change it up, as well. Add a Sausage and Egg McMuffin, or any other breakfast sandwich, or if you’re really looking to spice things up, substitute a McChicken for the McDouble. Either way if it’s a mixture between breakfast and dinner you’re representing the 10:35, so experiment away and let us know what you come up with!

Neapolitan Shake

If you’re of a younger generation you might not even know that McDonald’s used to have more than one flavor of ice cream and actually used to be able to blend it’s two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, into one “Swirly” cone that was super delicious and in retrospect the best representation of growing up in the ‘90’s in terms of taste (and carefree amazingness). Luckily, you can still get a couple different flavors of milkshake at most McDonald’s (at least when the machines aren’t down for servicing), from Vanilla to Strawberry and Chocolate (and others like the Shamrock or Pumpkin Spiced Shakes). Those out there that still remember the “Swirly” cone have devised something that I dare say is even better than that cone: the Neapolitan Shake, a shake that is like Neapolitan ice cream in that it is split into the three flavors that McDonald’s offers. While it may bother the person who has to make it, it is definitely worth the wait and dirty looks as the flavors are layered throughout the shake, which makes each slurp an adventure as the depth of the straw determines what sort of taste mix you’re going to get (at least until it all melts together into a delicious melting pot). McDonald’s shakes are definitely underrated as is, so this might serve as a reminder to order one more often — though you might want to play it safe and just get a single flavored one so you can avoid getting your food spit on.


There are few things that are more American than McDonald’s. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t take a few seconds to add a European flair to your regular McDonald’s breakfast, and that was the logic that drove the creator of the “McCrepe” to discover what is actually a really refreshingly delicious creation. Now, if you’re not familiar, Crepes are sort of like a really thin pancake that can be served with all sorts of fruits and syrups. While there’s no way to get a super thin pancake made at McDonald’s you can get a regular pancake made and that’s more than good enough as more is better, anyhow. After ordering those Hotcakes, all you need to do to create the McCrepe is also order a Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait. You’ll want to put the fruit and yogurt part inside the Hotcakes, then fold them over like a taco. Then you’ll add the granola and syrup on top of the Hotcakes to create a really delicious and fulfilling breakfast. It’s actually one of the more delicious concoctions on this list and something we definitely recommend you try at least once.

The McKinley Mac

The McKinley Mac is named after President McKinley, who had a cholesterol level so high it was said that his blood was flammable. Actually, it’s named after Mount McKinley (which has since been renamed, but was the largest Mountain in the contiguous United States), because this sandwich is a mountain of meat. Now most of you out there would say that a Big Mac is more than enough sandwich for you and if you’re one of those people that’s fine, but if you’re one of those people that can easily horf a Big Mac without missing a step, then this entry is for you as there is a way to actually make the Big Mac an even Bigger… Mac. To accomplish this monumental task all you have to do is ask to replace the regular beef patties that make up a Big Mac with the quarter pound patties that make up quarter pounders — or, Royales with Cheese. Doing so creates a monstrosity of a burger that clocks in at just over half a pound, which with that heft and the grease that comes with it, it means that you’ll most likely end up triple bagging that sandwich and tapping out before all is said and done. There’s no shame in that, though, as you’ll at least be able to look back on your life and say that you lived dangerously.

Fresh McNuggets

This entry isn’t so much of a secret menu item as it is a life hack. If you’ve listened to our other videos about some of the horrors that fast food workers have admitted to, you’ll know that a common entry on these lists is that the fries and chicken related products like chicken tenders or Chicken McNuggets are often cooked in advance. Because of that you’re really rolling the dice as to how good your McNuggets are going to be when you order them as they could’ve been sitting under the heat lamp for up to an hour. While that doesn’t mean anything negative in terms of food safety, it does mean that you’re not getting the McNugget as it was meant to be, juicy and delicious. To avoid this horror all you need to do is add one simple word to your order, that word is “gun”. Just kidding, it’s actually “Fresh”. If you ask for “fresh” McNuggets you’ll most likely be asked to pull up to wait for your nuggets to be made but that’s a small price to pay for the deliciousness that comes from freshly cooked McNuggets.

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The Poor Man’s Big Mac

If someone were to put a gun to your head and ask you what single food item best represents McDonald’s most of you would say the Big Mac (while others would say Chicken McNuggets and die like true heroes). The Big Mac may be the flagship burger of McDonald’s but it’s also relatively expensive (especially if you get it as part of a meal) and so there’s good news out there as people in the life hacking industry have found a way to basically get the same amazing taste for a fraction of the cost! The “Poor Man’s Big Mac” is essentially half of a Big Mac and to order it you first have to order a McDouble sandwich, which is the dollar menu cheeseburger (with one slice of cheese instead of the two that comes from a double cheeseburger). From there ask them to hold the ketchup and pickles and to add special sauce, lettuce and onion. If you’re really looking to live dangerously you can order two of these beauties and smush them together, as you’d basically be then eating a ‘Rich Man’s Big Mac’. Considering that the McDouble is a dollar menu item, you’re getting a $5 sandwich for $2 and some change! That’s what secret menus are all about and that’s why this is the number one entry, as it’s so good it’s almost illegal.

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