Ten Brand New Candy Flavors Being Released In 2020 That You NEED To Try!!!

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While many of us do have our favorite candies and ‘go-to’ flavors, the companies are constantly trying to find new ways and flavor combinations to entice us into spending more money on candy. Which we happily do. With that in mind, get ready to get excited as we look at 10 New Candy Flavors Coming Out In 2020 That You Need To Try!

Coca-Cola Tic-Tacs:

There have been rumors for a while that the small minty treat and everyone’s favorite soda company are coming together to create an all-new Tic-Tac flavor, and those rumors are true. Over the years Tic-Tac has brought us many new and daring flavor, all of which have found a place in our hearts. With this latest offering, the Coca-Cola flavored Tic-Tac is supposed to contain the refreshing taste of Cola in the iconic Tic-Tac shape. The iconic Coco-Cola logo will be wrapped around the Tic-Tac box, which already looks trend setting. We have no doubts that this will be a winner for both companies as both iconic brands usually do well. These little gems will hit the shelves in early 2020.

Milky Way — Salted Caramel:

The idea of salted caramel and chocolate is not a new one. It was in fact way back in the 1970s when a French pastry chef first introduced the world to salted caramel. The new confection seemed well suited to add a new spin on the classic caramel taste. The taste soon caught on and now people everywhere go crazy for anything with salted caramel in it. Considering that Milky Way already has caramel running through its chocolate bar, we’re surprised that they didn’t come up with this combination sooner. Whatever the reason for the Mars Corporation to delay this dreamy chocolate combination, we are glad that they have finally got on board the salted caramel train and we can’t wait for the Milky Way Salted Caramel. This chocolate bar looks set to hit the stores in January 2020. Although, some lucky shoppers will be able to see it in their local Walmart before anyone else as they are rolling it out before it goes on general sale.

Starburst — Swirlers:

We all have a favorite flavor of this chewy treat. Whichever Starburst flavor you like the best, you can be assured that the busy beavers in the factory are coming up with a new and exciting flavor for us to try. That’s exactly what they’ve done. Kind of. Rather than coming up with brand new flavors, Starburst has decided to put two great flavors together. Starburst Swirlers is a slightly different take on the traditional chewy candies. They are actually long chewy straws with two flavors wrapped around each other. Essentially they look like Twizzlers but taste like Starburst. Could candy get any better than this? We don’t think so. 2020 could be a very good year to be a Starburst fan.

Skittles Dips:

There are a lot of exciting flavors of candy that are coming out in 2020, but none have had as much anticipation as Skittles Dips. The famous rainbow candy has been promising this new product for months with regular sneaky pictures posted on social media, all of which are designed to make us candy lovers go into a frenzy. Which it has! Skittles have even released the long-awaited Dips into the UK stores a few months earlier than the planned US launch. While that may just make us want this candy even more, the long wait will soon be over as Skittles Dips will be hitting the shelves in early 2020.

M&M’s — Fudge Brownie:

There may have been several varieties of M&M’s over the years, after all, we were never going to be satisfied with just plain chocolate, were we? Each time a new flavor from M&Ms hits the shelves we all get excited. The chocolate that ‘melts in your mouth and not in your hands,’ has become the master at releasing new flavors to its range. Using social media to its full advantage by giving us little snippets of information to tease us, the Mars Corporation knows how to whip us all into a frenzy. M&Ms has become the true leaders in using all the advertising tools to increase their brand and popularity. Recently M&Ms did it again and released limited-edition flavors such as English Toffee and Nutella Hazelnut spread, all to the joy of the candy-loving public. With each new flavor that is released, M&Ms become bigger and better. Now M&Ms are potentially bringing us their best flavor yet with the release of Fudge Brownie. The new M&Ms are said to be slightly larger than the normal M&Ms and have a fudgy center at the core that has the consistency of a brownie and all that fudgy goodness is wrapped in M&Ms famous milk chocolate. These eagerly awaited candies are due out in early 2020 and we can’t wait.

Twix — Cookies & Creme:

We all have to ask ourselves what makes the perfect candy bar? Whatever your favorite type of candy is, in our minds, you can’t go wrong with a crunchy cookie base, a caramel center all wrapped in delicious milk chocolate. The classic chocolate bar once had a spin-off bar in the 1990s which eventually disappeared from candy shelves. But Twix is bringing back the Cookies and Creme flavor to their beloved bars. We all know what you are thinking, ‘Why change Twix? It’s such a classic.’ This is absolutely true and the original Twix is not going anywhere. Twix have decided to bring back a new/old flavor to push their brand into the 21st century. Replacing the caramel with a layer of cookies and creme icing sounds like something special and a great addition to this beloved chocolate brand.

Kit-Kat — Dark Chocolate & Mint:

‘Have a break, have a Kit-Kat.’ We all remember those commercials for this candy. The perfect advertising campaign in which we were encouraged to take a moment from our busy lives to sit, and snack, on a classic chocolate coated wafer Kit-Kat. While Kit-Kat has remained one of the big candy brands in the world, they are not very giving when it comes to releasing flavors, unless you live in Japan that is as they have an estimated 200 more flavors of Kit-Kat than the U.S. While they do release the odd new flavor in the U.S, new Kit-Kat flavors are thin on the ground. Now Kit-Kat is hitting us with a brand new flavor and we couldn’t be happier. A dark chocolate Kit-Kat with a mint creme on top, the Kit-Kat mint and dark chocolate duo could change this chocolate forever. After all, mint and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly, once you’ve seen them both together, you can never imagine them apart again.

Snickers — Pecan:

Every now and then a candy bar releases a flavor that not only takes people by surprise, but takes the world by storm. The Snickers Pecan was one such candy bar. The thing that seemed to make this bar so special was the Texas-based pecans. While the rest of the snickers bar is the same; a soft nougat center covered with caramel and wrapped in milk chocolate. The only difference is that the regular peanuts were replaced with the Texan Pecans. Only being sold online, the Mars Corporation released this new flavor of Snickers in mid-2019 on a custom website. Within hours of the site going live, Mars released a statement saying that all Snickers Pecan bars were sold out. Social media went crazy as people were desperate to get their hands on this new chocolate bar. The Snickers Pecan was selling at $30 for a box of 15 before they sold out. That’s about 2 dollars a bar! But of course, the bars ended up appearing on second hand sites such as eBay, going for as much as $150 per box! Mars has actually recently commented on all of this, claiming that they do not have any plans to make anymore, but we think they are just saying this to create more hype around the bar. Mars would have to be crazy to not bring back the Snickers Pecan in some way, shape or form in 2020. Whether as an official release, or even a second limited edition run. So keep your eyes peeled for any news on this one going into 2020!


What better way to express your affection for someone than by giving them candy. Is there anything more romantic than showering that special someone with their favorite sweet treats? How about if that candy had a love message on it? That’s perfect. For generations, these little heart-shaped candies have been bringing joy to everyone, and not just on Valentine’s day, although they do go together perfectly. With little messages on each candy such as ‘Be Mine,’ Love Bug,’ and ‘ Call Me.’ Sweethearts may not have been great love poetry but they were fun, silly and spread a smile to all who received them. Whether you wanted to subtly show someone how you felt, or you just wanted to make someone smile, Sweethearts were a great way to do this. However, The New England Confectionary Company that owned Sweethearts went out of business and stopped making these candy treats. But don’t be too disheartened as help is on the way and Sweethearts have been saved. The Spangler Candy Company has come to the rescue and saved our beloved Sweethearts. We’ve been assured that Sweethearts will be back in stores for Valentine’s Day 2020. While Jelly Belly’s Conversation beans and Cupid Messages by M&Ms have filled the heart shape gap in the market, there is nothing quite like receiving or giving, a Sweetheart candy.

Sour Punch Bites — Spicy Bites Flavors:

A lot of entries on our list of new candy coming out that you have to try have been chocolate-based. That’s mainly because chocolate is still seen as a luxury item in many places as well as many of them being aimed solely at adults. Next, however, we come to a candy that brings children and adults together for a mouthful of joyous sugar treats. Sour Punch candies were one of the first candies to tackle the ‘sour’ market and it very quickly established itself as one of the leaders in sour gummy candies. Over the years Sour Patch has brought out a few flavors to add to their brand all of which are available in their different styles of candies such as Straws, Bites, Bits, and Twists. The popular Bites range is getting some new candies from Sour Punch and we are sure that these candies will become a lot of people’s new obsession. We had the Sour Punch Wild bites and now’s it’s time to get a little spicy with their new Spicy Bites. These new candies are a combination of favorite fruity flavors with a sour and spicy inspired fusion and all of our mouths are watering at the thought. Stick around, we’ve got more great videos on our menu, just tap that screen, it’s that easy.

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