What is the Bali Diet & How does it help?

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BALI is an acronym that stands for Basic Antioxidant- Antifungal Low Insulin. It is a dietary plan that helps ensure your body is in perfect health. Texas Physician, Dr. Robby Mitchel, developed the eating plan. First, the diet regulates the Ph of the blood by making the blood more alkaline. The antioxidant- antifungal aspect ensures that the body is free from notorious fungi like yeast and other radical damages that damage the cellular tissue. The low insulin aspect means that the diet helps in insulin regulation.

BALI diet is an alternative of Standard American Diet. The SAD encourages consumption of more fats and sugar. Americans are always advised to avoid SAD to maintain a healthy life. Basically, BALI diet consists of foods such as fresh fruits, raw vegetables, unsalted foods, low fats and low sugar foods.

According to Dr. Mitchel, this diet is more essential to basic human health compared to other diets. He advises people with serious health complications to adjust to this diet. Here is how the diet helps to improve the human health.

Regulates the Ph

The BALI diet lowers the Ph level of the blood by reducing acidic levels. The blood becomes more alkaline which in turn prevents the body from developing diseases such as ulcers. Low Ph levels increases oxygen level in the body which ensures smooth metabolic processes. High acidic levels damage the cells, tissues and organs, thus affecting the metabolism process. Also, low PH levels promote the elasticity of skin.

Loss of weight

High levels of insulin lead to excessive weight gain. Excess insulin promotes the growth of fat cells which in turn produces Esterone hormone. Esterone hormone further encourages the growth of more fat cells thus leading to increased body weight. Moreover, high level of insulin ‘deceives’ the brain cells that the body is starving. This leads to abnormal increased appetite which in in turn promotes excess weight gain.

BALI encourages intake of foods with low sugar levels and a lot of water. The water helps in regulating the insulin levels by dissolving excessive sugar in the body. This in turn helps in lowering insulin level. Loss of body weight enables the body to be in right fit and combat diseases such as diabetes.

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Prevents and manages chronic diseases

Most chronic diseases are as result of what you eat. Careless eating plans create room for the diseases. BALI diet prevents different chronic diseases in accordance to its role. First, by lowering the Ph level of the blood prevents ulcers. Ulcers are digestive wounds that are caused by acid. Also regulating the Ph level reduces the risk of fungal infections.

The diet promotes weight loss. Again, this lowers the risks of fatal diseases that are a result weight gain. For example, weight gain leads to hypertension since most the blood vessels are blocked by cholesterol. The heart uses a lot of energy and pressure to pump blood through the blocked vessels.

Antioxidants and antifungal products protect the body cells from damage and infections. The antifungals in the diet prevent the body from yeast infections.

Most importantly, the diet regulates the insulin levels in the blood. Low insulin lowers the risks of diabetes.


Detoxification simply means cleansing of the blood from toxins. Toxins prevent proper cells and tissue functionality in the body. Apart from adding nutrients in the body, the BALI diet also encourages detoxification of the body. In fact if you would like to experience the true Bali detox then you can this program here. BALI diet encourages diet are used in detox process. Also, it supports consumption of water that further helps in the cleansing process. Moreover, it lowers the acidic levels in the blood thus reducing toxins in the blood.

Healthy skin

The antioxidant role in the BALI diet protects the body and cells from damaging free radicals. The damaging free radicals are caused by UV exposures and the toxins produced by the body. Failure to eliminate the damaging radicals leads to skin complications such as acnes, sunburns and pimples. BALI diet encourages the consumption of foods rich in antioxidant nutrients such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

The antifungal aspect in the BALI diet also plays a role in promoting a healthy skin. It prevents the skin from fungal infections such as ringworms. BALI diet encourages foods that are antifungal such as lemons and ginger. A healthy skin will prevent you from immature aging.

Promotes good Digestion process Poor dietary plans and toxins cause complex digestive systems by lowering the metabolism processes. Proper diet like BALI reduces digestion complications. The diet contains high-fiber foods such as vegetables. The high fiber food enables the body to overcome digestion complications specifically constipation. Moreover, the fiber foods dissolves in water, hence, promotes the cleansing of the digestive tracks.

Also, the diet encourages the consumption of adequate water. Water ensures smooth metabolic processes. The water also ensures smooth passage of food along the digestive process. Good digestive process supports efficient absorption of nutrients to the blood which in turn promotes good health.

Long healthy life

BALI diet provides an eating plan that boosts the immunity of the body. Firstly, it ensures smooth metabolism processes which in turn lower the health complications. It prevents and manages the chronic diseases. Finally, the diet supplies nutrients that are essential to proper health. A healthy life ensures low mental stress, thus, living long.

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